Back in the beginning of 2015 I put together a brochure that I give to prospective sellers entitled “6 Remodeling Projects That Make Financial Sense.” You can download the brochure by clicking here.

Often times potential home sellers will try and weigh the cost/benefit analysis of doing improvements or upgrades before they list their home for sale. It’s not always a new kitchen or upgraded bathroom that will bring the biggest bang for your investment dollars.

According to this handy infographic that Northshore Fireplace put together, a steel entry door will bring back 101.% return on your investment (up from 98% in 2014), as opposed to 71.3% return on a bathroom remodel. You can read an extended explanation on their site by clicking here.

Want to play around a little and get an idea of what kind of return you should expect on your next remodeling job you can take a look at Remodeling Cost vs Value table for the Rocky Mountain Region.

Of course, if you’re considering putting your home on the market and want the experience and suggestions of a real estate agent, I’d be more than happy to help in any way I can.


ROI for a Pueblo Home Remodel