Declining sales and median selling price marked the July 2023 Pueblo real estate market. In comparison to June sales the number of homes for sale increased from 678 in June to 707 for the month of July. The months of inventory climbed to 3.1 versus 2.9 in June. Asking price to selling price remained […]

Radon in Colorado – Disclosure Now Required

On August 7, 2023, SB23206 concerning information about Radon in residential real estate transactions go into effect. The law requires that each sales contract for a residential property contain the following, or a substantially similar, disclosure in bold faced type: THE COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT STRONGLY RECOMMENDS THAT ALL HOME BUYERS HAVE […]

New Federal Requirements on Real Estate Transactions in Colorado

NEW FEDERAL REQUIREMENTS ON REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS IN COLORADO (Provided by the Land Title Association of Colorado, May 2023) The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network has been issuing orders called “Geographic Targeting Orders” since 2016. Under these orders, the title companies that close or underwrite residential transactions that meet certain criteria are required to make additional […]

HB23-1171 Rent Control

Any time the government wants to get into messing with the housing industry it very rarely turns out good. This bill would severely impact the rental housing market and not in a good way. As the bill has passed through committee it was thought to be defeated with the swing vote by Democrat Dylan Roberts. […]